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Haven't finished this but I have to say I really love it! I've been recently getting into old JRPGs and this definitely nails the look and feel. Very charming and well put together.

Could definitely benefit from some 16-bit style arrangements (musically speaking), If you ever need that style of music I'd be down to compose a thing or two. This is one of the most authentic SNES style games ever, it has a similar level of charm too :D

Also, props on the all female cast!

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This looks awesome, but can't play it as for some reason my antivirus blocks it :(

Guessing it's a false positive - not sure if there's any way to change it?

Even though I couldn't try it out, love the look of the class system,  there really isn't enough classic RPGs with these anymore!

I'll probably have to contact AVG and get them to whitelist it.

I use a tool called PyInstaller to package the game, which lots of people use to package lots of python programs. Including viruses. So antiviruses pick up the pyinstaller stuff that a few viruses also have, and block everything that uses it.

I've had this issue before as well; years back, the pyinstaller devs tried to get the antivirus companies to mark the false positives, but every new version kept getting marked regardless, and it wasn't practical for them to contact dozens of companies every time.

Because it's just a signature-based match, it can (usually) be fixed by the game developer building their own pyinstaller EXEs from source so the signature is slightly different.

Ah I see, so annoying that you have to manually request that, but I guess it makes sense. For what it's worth, I tried marking the file as a false positive and submitting it to AVG also. 

I managed to quickly disable AVG for a couple seconds to load the game then reactivate it (otherwise it automatically deletes the gamefile without giving me any say in the matter). It was tons of fun, and exactly the classic FF5-style job system I'd been craving. Can't wait for more!