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It's a long way from a 40 hour JRPG, but if people like it, of course I'll continue it!

The main things needing immediate attention are more behind the scenes. The way I drew player character art has a lot of redundancy, which is why it was too much of a chore to make custom outfits for every class and only ended up making 1.  But I've some ideas to speed up the process, so with a bit of work I'll have to do less work.

There's not much I cut out from the demo in terms of coding (aside from content coding, like monster scripting), but there are a few things, like shop menus and a planned simple crafting system (so you have something to do with those rocks and antiseptic leaves other than use them as accessories). The main thing in terms of assets is, of course, art. I've only got one tileset, no monster sprites other than what's in the demo, no NPC sprites, etc. I'm getting faster at drawing though so if I go back to this as my main project it should take far less time.

Anywho, enjoy the demo for now.  :) Thanks for the interest in my game!

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